Problems & Opportunity - Trouble or Treasure?

Consider the problem the fish had in The Bridge of the Golden Wood. To some people, the request for help might have appeared to only be a nuisance--a source of pain. But for the boy, he saw it as a chance to help AND show his abilities. Even when he couldn't see how he might be rewarded, he took the opportunity to help. Do you get ideas for solutions or improve your skills when you help with a problem? You likely also get a reputation for having good ideas. People remember problem solvers.

Money Making Ideas

Make something to sell.
Clean, fix, or repurpose something.
Collect something to sell.
Create something to sell.
Grow/raise something to sell.
Recycle for cash.
Rent things to people who need them.
Trade things for something more valuable to you.
Sell/give something extra you can spare.
Sell other people’s product to earn a percentage.
Publish a book/ebook, then ...
Research & share information.
Participate/share your opinion for a reward.
Transport things for compensation.
Cupcakes, an app, a shoe rack, soap, kites
Bicycles, windows, furniture, appliances, tools
Stamps, coins, books, games, antiques, wood, fruit
Photographs, paintings, music, fonts, games, crafts
Watermelon, lavender, nuts, sheep, pets
Metal, glass, plastic, electronics, paper, clothes
Property, tools, vehicles, ad space, electronics
Toys for games, electronics, clothes, or collectibles
Books, toys, games, clothes, gadgets
Candles, cookies, apps, magazines, ad space
Sing/dance/act/play a musical instrument, do magic
Teach classes, speak to groups, write a blog or a newsletter
share information via video/audio/Web
Surveys, polls, focus groups, studies, mystery shop
Pets, people, recyclables, junk, wood, garbage cans

Consider making a list of chores to be accomplished at home each week. Your mom or dad may be willing to give you suggestions and possibly pay you as you gain experience and responsibility for things around the house. This will not only give you skills, but will provide you an opportunity to budget and manage money.

To manage your money—so that it doesn’t run out before your needs/wants do—don’t spend more than you earn. MAKE A BUDGET so you can track income vs. expenses and put what’s really important first (you may think the latest video game is the priority, but if you don’t have enough money to pay the power bill, the game won’t do you much good!). SAVE for emergency needs, education, a home, and/or retirement. Many financial experts recommend saving at least 10% of your income.  Consider allocating some of your income to people in need regularly.

For inspiration on money-making activities, business ideas, and careers for kids, see The Bridge of the Golden Wood: A Parable on How to Earn a Living (the go-to resource for the budding/aspiring entrepreneur and families, Hard ISBN: 978-0985398811, also an ebook: Kindle ASIN: B01N0XCPQK).

More earning ideas to come!

Alternate book ideas by Jorge Cocco

Alternate sketches (Japanese) by Jorge Cocco